Wednesday, 24 June 2009

My Day & Weigh!

Not been well today, went to work anyway and then left early, been feeling weak, sick and had headaches. Slept last night from when I got in and all afternoon today.

Went to see the nurse this eve who wasnt given the chance to comment on my weight as I advised her I was on WW. She still said 'You are still doing it though arent you'... Followed by the usual stop smoking stuff!

Blood pressure is normal :-)

Weigh In:
Well this morning before work I weighed and was 1lb lighter than last week Wednesday, I weigh in the evenings, so my official weigh in shows a 3lbs loss. Happy with that!! Still find it bizzare how much your weight can vary in one day but hey as long as its going down.

Nearly in to the 12's!

So the not so little nurse has nothing to worry about lol!

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