Tuesday, 7 July 2009

The last week!

Had a virus week before last the worst of it lasted about 4 days, then it took a further 5 days before I had my energy back.
The first 3 days I was off food and had a 3lb loss, then I started eating again and put on 1lb on the 1st.
Hoping to get that back off for WI tomorrow, though I wasnt too fussed @ WI that I had gained 1lb, I found the next few days everything I ate was making me feel guilty and panic about putting on even more.

So much so, that I was questioning if I had under pointed, now I have things back in perspective I am happiest when in control and find it quite easy, guess because I enjoy it.


Tried to do lots of walking, including a 2.5 hour walk on Sunday, a longer walk home yesterday and a game of tennis tonight in the rain!!

So fingers crossed for tomorrow, I really dont enjoy a gain!!
Will update tomorrow!!

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  1. Good luck for yur weigh in tomorrow. I really must get my ass into gear and do more exercise !! x