Saturday, 18 July 2009

Some Pics...

Mine and my partners footprint, sad I know but was so impressed it came out

Me coming out of the water, very painful on the stones!

Me stupidly going back in!

I know I am terrible...

I didn't update!!!

Well, quite alot going on, last Wed I stayed the same at WI, wasnt too pleased but not too surprised either. Really found it difficult to stay on track the last few weeks after I started to feel better from having a virus.
Saturday I went to the theatre with my Mum and sisters to see 'Sister Act' (which was brilliant) and had a choc ice cream at the interval. Dont know how many points that was but I could see that Thick Double Cream in the ingredients.
Then we went out for dinner in London, so we shared two plates of salad between four and a bowl of Nachos. Then for main I had chunky chips with cajun chicken, it was very nice but sooo filling I would say for the first time in 13 months I was Stuffed! lol
Then I felt rough, too much food and way too many points but that is the first time I havent said no to myself.

Set off for Norfolk at 10pm Sunday after an Indian takeaway, had boiled rice and tikka chicken (dry). Arrived at Norfolk at about midnight and then had a lovely lay in and then went to the local beach. In the evening we went on a walk for 1.5 hours around the countryside until it got too dark.
Tuesday we walked to G.Yarmouth in the blazing sun (7 miles from where we were staying) and as soon as we got there it rained. So we hit a local pub and had lunch, boiled rice and chilli, checked out a few arcades, saw Bruno at the cinema and then got a bus back.
Wednesday we chilled locally, few more drinks at the pub, arcades etc. Then we had our own little bbq, chicken and corn on the cob.
Thursday we got a bus to G.Yarmouth (wasnt doing that walk again lol) and went straight to the pub for a drink before lunch, we actually didnt have lunch, we drank all day until about 8pm, didnt go to the sealife centre as planned, nor the sales! It was nice, got talking to some people who were staying our way and had such a laugh. Thursday night I made garlic pittas, boiled rice and lots of different veg in a tinned tomato sauce. Was starved by then so it was nice!!

So it took me until about 5pm on Friday to feel ok, made a breakfast in the morn and then we walked on the beach, dipped in the sea and chilled back at the chalet. Then had another bbq with veggie stuff.

Today we left, on the way back we went to Banham Zoo and had lunch out (jacket and beans again) then we drove the rest of the way back. So tonight we are having chicken and salad and the best bit of all, I had a sneak on the scales and it shows a 4lb loss. Cant record it though because Wed is my official weigh but it really has motivated me to be extra good. Havent found it easy and though I havent been terrible over the last few weeks I know I havent been my best!!

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

The last week!

Had a virus week before last the worst of it lasted about 4 days, then it took a further 5 days before I had my energy back.
The first 3 days I was off food and had a 3lb loss, then I started eating again and put on 1lb on the 1st.
Hoping to get that back off for WI tomorrow, though I wasnt too fussed @ WI that I had gained 1lb, I found the next few days everything I ate was making me feel guilty and panic about putting on even more.

So much so, that I was questioning if I had under pointed, now I have things back in perspective I am happiest when in control and find it quite easy, guess because I enjoy it.


Tried to do lots of walking, including a 2.5 hour walk on Sunday, a longer walk home yesterday and a game of tennis tonight in the rain!!

So fingers crossed for tomorrow, I really dont enjoy a gain!!
Will update tomorrow!!