Saturday, 20 June 2009

Mums Birthday!!

Went to my Mums for a BBQ this afternoon for her Birthday. Me and my sisters gave Mum tickets to see 'Sister Act' so looking forward to that in July. Had a great evening, our old neighbour was there and she hasnt seen me for about 2 years. When she saw me she said "Wow, you look like a differnet woman, if I saw you in the street I would have just passed you'. So I laughed and said Thanks. Just then her two daughters came over, (used to babysit them) and they were just looking at me. Their Mum said " Do you know who this lady is?" The youngest one about 10 years old (I know its terrible I am not sure on the age lol) stared a little longer and shook her head. Then she said "Its Charlene" and they both stood with their mouths open shocked and ran over for a hug. Following that some of Mums friends said I look fantastic!

It really is a great feeling, I just dont quite see it myself yet, but I guess its is a gradual process after being big for so long. Very hard to get my head around.

So tonight I have been relaxing and thought I better get this blog started...

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